Free Enterprise System

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The Free Enterprise System How the American System has changed Togar Johnson The ‘American Dream’ has recently transformed into the American nightmare. More and More people are retiring broke and are looking for some type of financial assistance either from families, government, or continuing to work past retirement. Not every American has the skill set to run a successful business, but more often than not, most Americans do possess a skill set that can be used to create individual wealth which each citizen will have complete control over. Therefore, Americans should embrace the principles that this country was based on, which is free enterprise. In order to insure fiscal independence, Americans must consider an essential component…show more content…
Immigrants are educated on exactly what their economy is in their own country as well as what going on in America. The lack of education, in relation to the economy, displays an unfortunate example of what Americans are being taught in today’s society. Citizens of this country should be informed on exactly how our economy works instead of foreigners migrating here and operate under those success principles and achieve that so-called ‘American Dream.’ Migrants come with a clear sense of exactly how to truly be successful by creating personal wealth. Immigrants are nearly 30 percent more likely to start a business than nonimmigrant’s, and they represent 16.7 percent of all new business owners in the United States. Nearly 30 percent of all new business owners per month in New York, Florida, and Texas, are immigrants. (Fairlie et al., 2008) The difference is most immigrants who come to this US have a great understanding and appreciation of what this country represents. They did not come to the country because it was the place to be, but they come for the opportunity to fail and
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