Free Market Economy Essay

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A free market is a type of market that the government is not involved in. Since the government does not care about what happens, the free market is also called “hands-off” or “let it be economics”. The government is limited to protect the citizens from the danger and that is the major goal for the government. In the free market economy, there are three components of the free market economy: competition, active but limited government, and the self-interest. Competition is one of the main components of the free market economy. Competition means that the companies compete with one another to make more benefits to themselves. According to the concept of the free market economy, the competition means a good thing because it is a basic …show more content…
The government does not necessarily need to intervene how the marker goes. Therefore, the competition is a significant factor of the free marker economy.Active but limited government is another main part of the free market economy. This means that the government undertakes a significant, active role in the market, but at the same time the government’s role is ver limited because all the investments and decisions in the economy are controlled by the market than by the government. An invisible hand will control the market. Limited government is a type of government in which there is a minimum intervention in personal properties. Overall, the government tries to keep the economy in a law and let it free by limiting itself. Hence, the limited government is an essential factor of the free market economy.Last, self-interest is a significant part of the free market economy. Self-interest refers to one’s desire to buy something. The market will be generally controlled by people’s interest; the companies will compete with one another to fit the best taste. This is because the people’s interest will be the main trend in the market and it will control what should be made in the market. Consequently, the market will be self-regulated according to the theory of a free market. Therefore, the self-interest is another significant factor of the free market economy.Therefore, the competition, the