Free Market In America

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Over the past several decades, obesity has grown into a major global epidemic. More so, obesity is a major issue in the United States as well, just in this country more than two-thirds of adults are now overweight and one-third is obese . The issue is not however due to one factor but multiple factors in people's daily lives. One of those factors could be the Free market economy. According to Investopedia, the term “free market” is sometimes used as a synonym for laissez-faire capitalism. When most people discuss the “free market,” they mean an economy with unobstructed competition and only private transactions between buyers and sellers. However, the more complete definition should include any voluntary economic activity so long as it is…show more content…
It suggests that the real cause of high obesity rates is the free market.With that said, I do believe changes to the free market economy would be beneficial in helping resolve our continuous rising issue of Obesity, however it will certainly not solve it. The issue of obesity certainly has more to it than the market economy. Changes to the market economy might help in terms of controlling the amount of food being produce like a more controlled supply and demand, it might help with the quality of food but in my opinion there might still be overeating, junk food for snacking which are considered unhealthy will still be out there and many other things that will still continue to contribute to obesity because as I previously stated, it isn't just one thing that causes the problem, but many different things and fixing or changes one thing will not solve the problem. The correlation between free market and high obesity rates are there, in my opinion due to the whole individual freedom. People are free to load consumers with things like high fructose syrup which is cheaper but also
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