Free Medical Clinics Should Be Legal

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There are approximately 1,700 free medical clinics scattered across the United States. In 2008, free medical clinics treated more than 4 million uninsured patients with no federal money. Twelve hundred federally and state funded community health care centers treated 7 million patients. ( Providing a person with a primary medical care home is the foundation for healthy living. Without diagnosis and management of mild to moderate chronic diseases, individuals may die or medically handicapped.
Patients with a primary medical care home are not using the emergency rooms for primary care. Those patients, whose health conditions are managed through medications, are receiving routine care that allows them to work and provide for their families.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, all states will have the opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage with generous federal financial support, and a health insurance exchange will exist in every state (run by the state, the federal government, or a partnership between the two). The majority of people who are uninsured will become eligible for some form of coverage. Health centers will play a critical role in making sure that the uninsured patients they serve, as well as the new patients who come through their doors, can connect to the new coverage options. Doing so will help their patients get the health coverage they need, and it will bring in additional funding to support…
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