Free Narrative Essays: Marvin Anderson's Life

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It was another typical autumn morning in Jackson, Florida, a beautiful, busy suburb of Miami. But as much as Jackson was beautiful, it was also a very dangerous town. There was a lot of organized crime in Jackson, and honest work was hard to find. The leaves were covering the streets, sidewalk, and the idle cars. The wind was a crisp cool breeze that blew across the city of Jackson. This was the city that Marvin Anderson lived in for the first twenty years of his life. Marvin Anderson was a tall African-American man with long curly brown hair. He was 21 years old, and his birthday had just passed a few weeks ago. Marvin tried to dress as nicely as he could, but he could not always do so, because he had extreme money problems. Marvin was…show more content…
When he was looking at a battery, he overheard two people who wanted to go to a planet to take over the Earth. It sounded crazy, but Marvin decided to ask if he could join them, because he also wanted to. The taller man named Frank who had bright red hair with a goatee, big bulky glasses. The other man was a short, chubby man with brown hair, Marvin asked for his name he replied, “I’m Pete. What’s your name, kid?” Marvin talked to them for awhile and then they started to talk about their dreams. Marvin said “I want to go to Mars, but I am broke.” Pete and Frank both said that they both want to do something that man has not done before. All three of them were talking about hobbies, games, every thing that they could think of until the store manager said, “Excuse me, but the store is closing, you have to leave.” All three of them then decided to meet at one of their places. Frank then said, “Dudes, come to my house, we can discuss our plan to go to Mars, I always wanted to have friends like you…show more content…
“Sir! Sir, are you alright in there? Sir! Should we call for help?” Marvin was confused. He jumped up, and stood staring blankly, he had no idea what had happened. Looking around, he started to recognize his bed, his bathroom, and his T.V. in a small, tight room. He knew he was in his motel. As the confusion began to wear off, Marvin realized that he was in his small, dirty motel room. He hadn’t wasted his money on lottery tickets. He hadn’t assaulted the lottery dealer. And most importantly, his life wasn’t over. “Sir? Can you please open the door?” Marvin heard the banging on the door again. He slowly opened the door, still confused. The motel manager stood outside, Marvin looked at him in confusion. “We always check on our guests, and you haven’t been seen in so long, we were very worried. We were about to call the paramedics.” “Marvin,” the manager said, “I know you’re very poor, and things haven’t gone well for you. It just so happens that we need someone in the office at the motel to work as a check in clerk. Would you like to take the
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