Free Process Essays: The Physics Of Pitching

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Pitching is a lot more difficult than everybody thinks. It's more than just throwing the ball theirs physics evolved such as velocity and the movement .And the way your wind up is it affects the way you throw it. I will be explaining the different steps in the process of pitching by telling you the movements. First the stance, the body needs to be equal to the target the catcher. It’s important that you have the same stance every time you pitch or it would mess up your rhythm. Make sure you are balanced in this position or the rest of your wind up won’t be. To practice all these steps you could look in the mirror to see how you’re doing. You also should get on a pitcher’s mound and try it there. Next is the rocker, from the first stance you take a step back then transfer all your weight on the foot you're leaning on. While you’re doing this you should feel like you're rocking hints the name. This will…show more content…
First you separate your hand from the ball out words,then you keep your arm at a 90 degree angle. Your glove should be at your side while separating. As soon as your foot moves you need to start separating. When you step your front leg drives forward with all the momentum you have from the beginning. All your weight should be pushing off the front foot. The square position is a very important part. This position is right before you throw, if you don't get this down then you won't throw a strike. First you need to face home plate because that's where you're throwing too, also your shoulders need to be straight.Your glove should be at your side and continue through to throwing the ball. At the end you will end up in a stace like your fielding the ball, this is important because you need to be ready for the ball when it's hit. Make sure your feet are forward and when going into this position you should've fall into because of the
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