Free Range Chicken Language Analysis Essay

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Chickens Range Free
The article ‘Chickens Range Free’ written by a freelance writer Jo Smith conveys the idea that the activists who’ve offered a truck-load of chickens, freedom from their cages were a very humane thing to do. Through his explanations, a reasonable tone has been applied effectively to convince the readers to agree with him. The author has also employed a very confident tone when mentioning how this action has been clearly justified due to human rights. However, although there have been people who have opposed this action of freeing the chickens, the author tries to dominate his stand by employing the use of different persuasive devices such as the inclusive technique, directive language, and analogy, which in this
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The analogy technique has also been applied by the author to arouse the reader’s sympathy for the chickens and also emphasise how cruel humans have been to chickens. He makes the reader think “If only more people would realise that animals, as sentient beings like us, have rights that should be respected”, humanity would have been better. This quote works effectively in convincing the reader to believe that when the reader tries to put oneself in to a situation of one of the chickens, and then discover how cruel human beings have been. It makes the reader feel that if they were the ones who have been treated this way, they wouldn’t have liked either. Thus due to this enlightenment, the reader will be most likely to agree with the reader that freeing chickens was a noble thing to do.
The imagery in the article, which captivates the reader immediately, emphasises the cruelty of mankind towards the chickens. This photograph of chickens locked up in a small case can emotionally manipulate the reader as it may cause one to feel sympathy for the chickens. Because a photograph is reliable and that it is evidence to show that humanity is indeed down to this level, the reader will believe what the author said is right and that something should indeed be done

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