Free Range Parenting Is Too Dangerous For Children

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Seungmin Jung
Professor Steve Master
COM 122
21 October 2015
One afternoon last december, in Washington, DC, police was alerted by a person to pick up a brother and sister, who were walking a mile heading home, and take them to their parents. After the police took the kids home, he warned the kids’ father of potential dangers that his kids could have faced while walking unsupervised. (Griffin) These days, there are many other cases similar to this where kids walking home unsupervised are reported to authority and taken into supervision with their parents being warned in some ways as a consequence. So what makes kids walking home unsupervised such a nation-wide controversy? Free-range parenting. Nowadays, free-range parenting is quite a big issue as the world is changing so rapidly and is no longer the same world that parents in this generation could freely roam around in their own childhood. Some argue that free-range parenting is nothing more than a mere negligence over their children in that the world is now simply too dangerous for the children to explore on their own. They say that the world is no longer safe for a child to be outside alone and that so-called free-range parenting is just being irresponsible parents. However, they are wrong. Although free-range parenting may look so dangerous and unnecessarily risky, it, in fact, has far more advantages than disadvantages and is and has been an enormous necessity when raising children for a number of reasons: it makes
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