Free Range Salmonella

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In my opinion, world wide should have free range hens so there are healthier hens and eggs resulting in less salmonella spread, if they were free range they would be less stressed and they would not be so close together which would cause fights. If they were free range they would be healthier, and their eggs would be healthier for humans to eat because it would not carry salmonella, and the environment would benefit in many ways. Also the costs of free range living would be distributed onto the consumers in many ways.

Free range would cause less fights, dead hens, and feces covered eggs. Which would make it harder to spread salmonella. Versus caged breeding, which causes trampling, dead hens and salmonella spread. If free range was world
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consumers would want to know what their product is fed, so organic is the way to go. Free range is also around cleaner environment. Where as caged are around chemicals which can cause salmonella spread. antibiotic resistant diseases,food poisoning, polluted waters these are all issues with caged hens and the environment around them. salmonella has caused about seventy deaths each year since year 2000. More deaths can accumulate due to water and air pollution due to chemical use. Free range uses no chemicals and uses all organic products, which overall is healthier for environment, humans and animals. which will lead to world wide free range hens.

In conclusion world wide should have cage free hens so there is healthier hens and eggs resulting in less salmonella spread. Which would make death rate plummet. If free range became world wide it will lower the cost down the road. It can lower the cost because there would not be any competition between organic and non-organic products if everyone was well educated on where their food comes from. Which will benefit all hens and humans in a positive way. There will be no more chemical use for a healthier environment, which will benefit future generations to
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