Free Reading By Stephen Krashen

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In the article, Free Reading by Stephen Krashen the author tells how he believes that kids would be able to read better and be more literate. Krashen speaks of SSR which means, sustained silent reading. He believes that if you allow students the chance to read books they want to read during quiet time, instead of books that the teachers require you to read then you would have kids that enjoy reading and would be much more literate. Research shows that children that do not read for pleasure have a tough time succeeding in today’s world. Stephen Krashen believes that we have made reading difficult for young students, because teachers give, “massive doses of phonetic instruction”. Krashen explains that numerous studies were done that show that reading for pleasure will help students become more literate, but the government did their own study and they do not believe that sustained silent reading is beneficial. Krashen explains that when the National Reading Report did their report they only included six out of their 600 pages on recreational reading. They stated that the reason was because only fourteen studies met their criteria for recreational reading. Although the report did state that free reading was encouraged it also said it, “raised serious questions about its efficacy.” Efficacy means the ability to produce a desired or intended result.
Krashen states that numerous studies that should have been included in the national reading report were not. These include Daniel…
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