Free : Should College Should Not Be Free?

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The discussion over the topic if college should be free or not has been heard for several years. Some opinions state that college should be made free because education is important to individuals and the economy and the debt after college can be crippling. Differing opinions state that college tuition should not be free due to the devaluation and the valuableness of education. College tuition should not be offered for free because of the issues that would later follow the decision and because a college degree does not promise a more successful life than one would have without one.
By making college tuition free, a public college degree would become devalued. College is a tough place to get to and an even tougher place to be and it is even more tough to obtain a degree. Being a college is a high demanding job that calls for substantial time and effort. The idea of making college free sounds like a great idea because it will allow everybody to increasing many peoples productivity and promote economic growth. Allowing free college in the United State would later cause issues with just receiving a college degree in the long run. Overtime, the value of a college education would decrease. In America, public high schools are free from tuition and you can see the the issues within them already. Public high schools are given a certain revenue from the state and so they do not compete to get the best students and are not motivated to upgrade. In contrasts, private schools seem to be

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