Free Soda Pop And The Promise Of A Five Course Breakfast

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If you would have told me twenty years ago that I would be where I am today I would have probably laughed at you. Growing up I never wanted for nothing and I had everything a little girl like me could possibly want. My parents ran a lake and a small local bait shop. For sixteen years we ran this little lake and I had it all. I had over eighty acres to play on, five different playgrounds with different equipment at every one of them, fishing, plenty of kids to play with during the summer time, a golf cart that I learned how to drive, free soda pop and the promise of a five course breakfast every weekend from some of our campers, I had a dad that I idolized, a mom who tried to teach me the important lessons in life, a sister to drive crazy, and a brother whom I got to see once in a while. I had it all when I was growing up and some of my class mates would make fun of me for being big, for being in a lower class, or simply because I was different. On the worst of days I would seek refuge in a little hidden world. The pine trees canopied over a certain spot and make different patterns across your skin. I would lay there for hours until Mama called for supper and watch as the bugs made a home and sometimes a squirrel would skitter around me in a hurry to get home to his family. The wind would blow through the trees and the sweet perfume would fill the air. Sometimes I would lay there until the tears would dry on my face and other times I would doze off until the sun started to

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