Free Speech And Religious Freedom

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One important contemporary issue is fighting for human rights. People all over the world fight and stand up for what they believe in. One of those includes your rights. Rights can be verbal, or oral, but it is important for everyone who think of it as a necessity. I am in favor of people who stand up for themselves and sacrifice their lives to get their point across. At the start of 2016, authorities “increased restrictions on civil society groups critical of the government”, so they used “overboard sedition, criminal defamation and hate speech laws to harass minorities’ views” (Human Rights Watch : India Today). Free Speech and Religious Freedom is important to Hindu Minorities and the government should have no objection towards the sacrifice and fighting spirit these people have to get their point across, so going against their act of civil disobedience will only cause further complications.

Earlier in the year, there was a big incident in Tamil Nadu. A priest was practicing religion in the church, two muslims were spreading notices to people on the streets to come pray for Allah and for the well being of all Muslims. The Catholic priest and the Muslim priests were getting into a car and as that happened, they were pulled out by a mob of 30 radicals against the freedom of religion. As a result, all three priests were beaten almost to death and dragged on the streets, blood oozing out of their body for about a mile and a half. What’s ironic is that there were police

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