Free Speech As A Form Of Hate Speech

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One of the greatest controversies when deciding the rules that a university should have is whether to prohibit hate speech, or ignore it under the constitution as a form of free speech. In this paper, I will consider the disturbance that hate speech creates in a learning environment for the conclusion that the University of Florida should prohibit hate speech. I will then consider the first amendment under the Constitution as an objection to this argument, but will conclude that hate speech should be prohibited on campus.
A hate speech restriction is a code that prohibits hate speech because of the verbal and written attacks. These verbal or written attacks which may be derogatory, hurtful, hateful, and disrespectful provoke violence and hostility. As a public institution with thousands of students paying to be there, it is the duty of the University of Florida to keep their students safe at all times. In order to be able to keep the students safe at all times, the University has to prevent such violence and hostility which lead to crime from happening. This crime, provoked by the hate speech, is also known as hate crime, which results in violence on campus between students making them unsafe and the campus unsound. Therefore, in order to keep all students safe, it is the duty of the University of Florida to prevent crime by prohibiting hate speech. Another duty that lies on the University of Florida is to make the learning environment as friendly as possible. Students
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