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When you think about America, the first thing that comes to mind is liberty. Liberty of the government and its citizens is one thing that colonists exceedingly desired during the British oppressive regime. When United States gained independence, the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution of the Unites States, a document that has been governing our country for more than 200 years. The constitution was drafted accordingly to ensure that people’s opinions were heard. What our Founding Fathers could not foresee is that in our 21st century, The Freedom of Speech not only gives a person such a massive power, but also an opinion even if it is immoral and goes against citizens’ values.
Thesis statement
The First Amendment is the right that
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Furthermore, not only hates groups express their opinion tremendously, but also the press tends to over use its power. The issue with the press is that journalists often publish misleading and unverified information about public figures. Thence it gives a bad image for figures such as celebrities or politicians and manipulates the public opinion. For the past century, the Supreme Court has been protecting journalists from being sued on “libel” and “slander”. Not only it gives such an enormous power over public opinion to journalists, it makes people question the unfairness of the First Amendment.
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I chose this subject because foremost I am concerned with growing hate in this country. While the United States government advocating for diversity, people still believe that all Muslims are terrorists and gay people are immoral and dangerous as well. We live in civil tolerant society which is necessary for mankind's survival and if we continue to stretch unlimited tolerance to those individuals who are intolerant and immoral, we are simply going to become victims of the aggression of intolerance from these individuals. Moreover, the destruction of another human being is a criminal act and it doesn't matter whether a weapon is used or words.

Hate Speech
#1 On March 10, 2006 it was funeral of Matthew

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