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FREE SPEECH Freedom of speech is perhaps the most precious tenets of liberal democracies accorded to the citizens of the free world. The United States, and the rest of the Western society is known to be the cradle of democratic principles, and this can be evidenced by the level of freedom accorded to the citizens of the United States and the West in terms of speech. The freedom of speech gives an individual an opportunity to speak his or her mind and also give his or her opinion, sometimes on very sensitive topics, without any fear of reprisal (Melkonian, 2012). The exercise of freedom of speech goes along way down the history of human civilization, and only positive results are there as the fruit of such level of human freedom. The world is a better place today, no doubt, because some men and women stood up their ground to speak their mind about what should be done and how things should be done to ensure prosperity. Despite the many gains of freedom of speech, the tragic reality is that some places still have the retrogressive rules that curtail people’s freedom to free speech, just to protect the ruling regimes (Melkonian, 2012). Throughout the history of human civilization, there has never been any doubt as to whether freedom of speech should be exercised or not. The only bone of contention, as far as freedom of speech is concerned has always, and will always remain on the limit of this freedom. In this era, the limit to this freedom of speech is being questioned more

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