Free Speech Importance

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The right to free speech is deemed important in the lives of many people. This importance of the right to free speech does not only apply democratic countries such as the United States of America, but also for the people fighting to have their voices heard. There are many places within our world where people do not have the right to share their own voice and ideas. Throughout the world, people’s voices are oppressed and silenced simply because their ideas may differ from the rules of the powerful. Although a power may claim that their people are without a voice, many still stand up and make their voices heard to bring change to the lives of not only themselves, but also the lives of others. The use of speech has the power to unify and bring change throughout the world. The United States of America was built upon this need for change, seeking freedom from whom they believed oppressed them. This importance of the right to free speech is seen within the first American Amendment. The First Amendment protects “religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition”. The First Amendment protects the American people, allowing for the expression of all ideas and opinions without the risk of being silenced. The right to free speech within the First Amendment “protects our liberty both to express and be exposed to ideas and opinions, especially unpopular one. It covers all forms of communication”. This protection of the free right of speech is what makes the United States and other countries like it special. People have the right and the opportunity to express their own ideas, even when they are unpopular. Through the freedom of speech, the American people have been given a power that not every person has. The American people have been given the power to invoke change in an imperfect world. Free speech has allowed the people to reshape the United States for both the better and the worse. The purpose of this research paper is to argue that the right to free speech has governed who gets to exercise American citizenship over time. The right to free speech has shaped the United States, influencing who has the right to exercise true American citizenship. A prime example of the power that free speech has had over shaping a

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