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Free speech is necessary for society to function—all speech, even the voice you don’t agree with, or think is offensive.

Last week, students who attend UW made headlines for the creation of a violent video beheading a cop to promote their clothing line. The argument is not about director Eneale Pickett’s ideology; it is whether or not he had a right—free speech—to do so.

For both liberals and conservatives, free speech is the “right” of every single individual living in the land of the red, white, and blue. Well, as long as the individual believes, agrees, and says the same thing as they do. News flash, that’s not what the first amendment is about. And interestingly, liberals are even worst about it than conservatives.

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Where the idea of disagreement is valued, debate encouraged, and the exchange of ideas on the free market vital to the growth of society.

Why is free speech suddenly so controversial? Blame universities.

According to a study done by Econ Journal Watch in 2016, liberals vastly outnumber conservative professors. They looked into the faculty at 40 leading universities and found out that Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314—a ratio of 11 ½ to one (UW was not part of the survey). This past May, right leaning Young America’s Foundation conducted research into the commencement speeches and found that the top 100 national colleges ranked by U.S News and World Report colleges favored liberals (45 to 4). However, the number is a bit skewed because not all of the top 100 Universities were included, 29 speakers were in the middle of the ideology spectrum, and 22 schools had a diverse set of speakers or none at all.

In 2006, Neil Gross and sociologist Solon Simmons conducted a survey to look at the “diverse” ideology of university professors. Writing in an op-ed 10 years later for the LA Times, he wrote “ At the time of our study, a fifth of all American adults described themselves as liberal. Simmons and I found that about half of the faculty did.” Gross went on to write, “only 14% of professors in our survey identified as Republican. Academia isn’t teeming with radicals, but it is one of the

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