Free The Children Research Paper

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, today we are here to acknowledge an individual who has a been an active citizen that has brought pride and honour to Canada. The award going to be given today, is an award given to a citizen that helps other people, a citizen that fights for the rights and freedoms of others, a citizen that never loses hope, and a citizen that takes action. This individual was born and raised in Thornhill, Canada and founded the Free the Children organization in 1995. Free the Children is an organization that runs educational programs and campaigns in developing countries such as Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, in order for children in those nations to become empowered. So today we will be honouring an individual in this very room and granting him with the Extraordinary Citizen award.…show more content…
The inspiration for the organization came from this particular article. He started off fighting for child rights by fundraising for the children in Africa to have safe drinking water on a small scale, and now he is fighting for child rights by providing children in Africa the right to education by establishing a development that teaches kids comprehensive skills. Moreover, he has proven constantly that he fights for the rights and freedoms of
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