Free Trade Agreement With Asian Countries

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The topic of free a free trade agreement with Asian countries is currently being debated on the floor of the United States Congress (“Trans-Pacific”). The trade is supposed to reduce the tariffs that each country pays on its exported products. Americans are being told the free trade add jobs, provide access to products otherwise not available at a lower cost, but none of this is true. The free trade agreement will give Asian manufacturers an absolute advantage over the American manufacture’s because their wages are very low. The agreement will result in part of the United States gross domestic product or GDP to be redistributed to these Asia countries providing them with the catalyst to Americanization. They will be able to go to …show more content…

The one country if fully Americanized that could be the most damaging to the world’s resources is China.
China is the world’s number one problem and is the only country that is rapidly pursuing its goals of Americanization (“China FTA”). This is apparent by their overly aggressive trade agreements. It has fourteen free trade agreements in place with countries around the world and is negotiating seven others (“China FTA”). They want to be number one in the world like America and this can only end in a disaster because of the size of its population ("GDP per"). Their current population is 2 billion as compared to United States 350 million (“International Programs”). In order for their enormous population to live in houses like an Americans, “the forests of Indonesia, Burma, the Russian far-east, and Papua New Guinea” would be laid waste to supply the timber (Safina). Each house would require appliances and furnishings and would decimate much of the words iron ore to produce these goods and furnishings. For a Chinese person to have as many cars as an American, they would need a staggering 30 percent more cars than what currently exist in the world to supply enough cars (Safina). The gasoline to drive these cars it would require “98 million barrels” of crude oil per year which is greater than the “85 million barrels” of crude oil already produced (Safina). China’s population exceeds the capacity of the world’s resources

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