Free Trade : U.s. A And Canada

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FREE TRADE BETWWEN U.S.A AND CANADA The first thing we should understand is what is what is FREE TRADE or the meaning of FREE TRADE The definition which I can think of is Free trade is international policy where governments doesn’t create any restriction and on goods and other materials to import or export smoothly and no heavy taxes are applied so that both countries can operate smoothly and gain profit. OR The treaty in which 2 or more countries are involved for the interchange of goods and services which is not hindered by high tariffs and taxes. Now to tell you that more than 165 countries are under free trade agreement After understanding the about the free trade we should the know the history behind it and what benefits and governments get out of it We would also look for advantages and disadvantages of free trade and how it affects common people and how it brings profits to some multinational companies (U.S and CANADA) and reason behind free trade Starting in 1855, while Canada was under British control, free trade was implemented between the colonies of British North America and the United States under the Reciprocity Treaty. In 1866, a year before Canadian Confederation, the United States Congress voted to cancel the treaty. The Liberal Party of Canada had traditionally supported free trade. Free trade in natural products was a central issue in the 1911 Canadian federal election. The Conservative

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