Free Trade and the Economy of Canada Essay

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Free Trade and the Economy of Canada

Free trade is the act of exchanging goods or services between countries for minimal tariffs or fees. Between countries, this is a method of exchange that is gaining more and more popularity. By importing and exporting for low fees, free trade is an efficient way to cover up weaknesses in the country and gain on strengths. Free trade is a very controversial topic that is viewed upon differently by many people in many different countries. Some oppose free trade; they feel it will cause production losses or low employment in their country. Many countries also embrace it and believe it helps create a strong and healthy nation. They join in free trade organizations or draft free trade agreements with
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The comparative advantage for computers, then, would go to Japan because they are more efficient at making them. They produce more computers and give up less than Canada does.

Because Japan has the comparative advantage in producing computers in that example, free trade would maximize both country’s production by having Japan specialize in producing computers and Canada specialize in producing cars. Then, both countries could trade the products they specialize in for the other, at a fair rate to be determined separately. Without free trade, each country had a bigger limit on what good they could produce. With trade, both countries still have a limit to what the countries can produce, but since they are trading what they are best at producing, they are maximizing the total numbers of goods in the country. Thus by trade at a fair, un-taxed rate, they are capable of having more goods and services in their country and any given time. Both countries are able to produce the best they can and thus from trade, they receive the most of the other good as they possibly can. This is known as the law of comparative advantage (Mankiw, Kneebone, McKenzie & Rowe 55).

In Canada, the law of comparative advantage produces enormous benefits for both consumers and producers. First, by establishing trade connections with other countries, it allows Canada to specialize in producing what it is best in producing. No longer does

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