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EXERCISES 6 Name:_________________________________________________________________ Test yourself A. answer the following by writing the words on the blanks provided for. 1. What do you call the large number of sensitive nerve ending _______ 2. What results when one loses his/her sense of smell? _______ 3. How do you describe the smell of varnish ______, burnt leaves _____, mustard _____, and roses _______? 4. Why do people collecting garbage not show annoyance anymore to the dirt and smell _____ 5. Where us the sense of smell located? ________ B. True/False. Encircle T if the statement is correct and F if it is incorrect. T F 1. Generally when one loses his/her sense of smell, he/she also loses the sense…show more content…
a. Endocrine gland b. pituitary gland. C. adrenal gland 3. When the muscles are in healthy condition, it is said that they maintain their __. a. Elasticity b. tonicity c. contractility 4. __ are muscles that act like voluntary muscles but actually they cannot be moved at will. a. Cardiac muscles b. voluntary muscles c. involuntary muscles 5. When a person easily reacts to emergency situation, it is said that his __ activates immediately. a. Endocrine gland b. pituitary gland c. adrenal gland B. Matching type. Match concepts in column left with the best answers in column right. Write letters only. Column left Column right ___1. Muscles with rhythmic movement a. extensibility ___2. Stripes muscles that can be moved at will. b. insulin ___3. Capacity of the muscles to be stretched c. peristaltic ___4. Sometimes called the “Master Gland” d. thyroid ___5. A flat butterfly like gland e. endocrine ___6. Small floating bodies in the pancreas f.pancreas ___7. Hormone usually injected to diabetic persons g. gonads ___8. The sex glands h. island of Langerhans ___9. Muscles found in the internal organs i. visceral ___10. Gives shape to the body j. muscle k. adrenalin l. voluntary m. pituitary A. B. 1. B 1. 6.H 2. A 2.L 7.B 3. A 3.A 8.G 4. A 4.M 9.I 5. C 5.D 10.J EXERCISES 10 Name:_________________________________________________________________ Test

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