Free Tuition And The United States Essay

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Free tuition for colleges is a topic that has come up a lot lately in the United States. Especially in the beginning of this year, when the democratic race was in place, Bernie Sanders started making tuition-free colleges one of his campaign points. While there are some that seem to neglect the idea of free tuition, the majority will agree that if not free at least it should be affordable. This topic is a very interesting one because it provides fascinating facts on both sides of the spectrum. One thing people argue against free tuition is that the United States has around 300 million people in population and it could not possibly keep up with the increase in college attendance and cost. On the other hand free tuition in colleges is relative common in almost every first world country around the world and even second and third world countries. Which leaves us to determine that it is not only possible for government to be responsible for education but it seems to be the norm around the world except in the United States. I think that colleges should be tuition free. Community colleges should be funded by the government and the government should not only be responsible in providing free tuition to its citizens but take pride that its citizens have access to free education, making its society an educated one. While researching this topic I came upon a very interesting article; Why tuition free College Makes Sense. The author, Lawrence S. Wittner, explains briefly the

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