Free Unstructured Play : Using Sidewalk Chalk

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Free-unstructured Play: When children engage in a fun activity that is typically not structured. In this picture it shows two children with Legos there is not necessarily any rules or goals set for the children. They are simply engaging in unstructured fun activity. Another example of this is when a child is using sidewalk chalk. Typically you will see infants and toddlers participating in a free-unstructured activity.

Structured Play: When children engage in an activity that contains structure. This activity is set up and contains a goal. In this image two children are doing a puzzle an adult may have provided the children with the puzzle giving them the goal of completing the puzzle together. The adult or caregiver may have hope that these children our able to strengthen their fine motor skills and their social skills. Another example of a structured activity is sorting games. A structured activity will typically occurs in preschool children into elementary children.

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Exploratory Play: When a child typically between birth and age two does an activity they enjoy repeatedly in order to experience the satisfaction of mastering a new skill. An example of this is when a child first starts to learn how to paint or color as shown in the picture. The child may feel satisifaction knowing that they have learned a new skill and they may conttiue to paont or color all day long!
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