Free Will And Determinism : A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange demonstrates the philosophically issues of free will and determinism through how the main character was treated in the movie. It also addresses important issues such as ethics, philosophy of the mind, free will and determinism, and the problem of perception. Philosophers such as John Hospers, B.F. Skinner, and Jean-Paul Sartre have different views on the issue through their theories of how individuals are or are not responsible for the free will choices that they make in life. The main character in the movie was a very violent , and reckless person. He participated in sinful acts such as being a gang member, raping women, being involved in fights, etc. These actions resulted in him being sent to prison and eventually being brainwashed into doing things out of his character. The three philosophers have very different interpretations of how the main character should have been dealt with and the reasonings behind his actions.
The philosopher John Hospers’ views on free will and determination go completely against the movie A Clockwork Orange. Hospers claims that our actions are “compelled” and we do not make our own free choices, but it happens unconsciously . In A Clockwork Orange the main character, Alex, has his free will taking away from him through a series of extreme and harsh experimental tactics in the dystopia that he is apart of. The government believes that the can control the thoughts and actions of their citizens and just change them.

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