Free Will And Determinism Can Go Together

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Free will is one of the great debates among humans. What is it and do we even have it are two common questions. Freedom is not always easy to define but there is one compelling version of free will. I believe that humans are not truly free, they have free will but much of their lives are determined by other external causes because of the dual nature of decisions. First I will argue what the theory of compatibilist is and why it is the most reasonable. Then I will look at the moral responsibility someone has with this view and its opposing argument. To be a soft determinist or a compatibilist, there are certain conditions that must be followed. One is the belief in the free will, another is the belief in determinism-or that actions and thoughts have causes, and the final is that both free will and determinism can go together. (Hume 113-114). This view still allows for people to be morally responsible for their actions while suggesting that it is possible that there where underlying means to the thought of that action. This theory on free will is believable because it allows for both internal and external factors to influence decisions. This shows that all choices have both a mental component and a physical component. The internal or mental component is how a person believes that he can directly influence or change a situation. The physical or external component is how the outside environment or previous decisions create the choice that a person has to make.
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