Free Will And The Human Brain And Our Emotions

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I believe that “free will” does not exist in any shape or form. “Free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity of fate, the ability to act at one’s own discretion”. Relatively speaking we “humans” are groups of atoms simply reacting with other groups of atoms. Elaborating on the human brain and our emotions, it demonstrates that since we are conscious an illusion is formed that we have free will when it is all cause and effect. In comparison humans are like robots, we get all of our knowledge from our surroundings and all start off with different software (genetics). Whether it’s from raising your left and right arm to the slightest twitch in your body is all a direct result from external causes. Most people in…show more content…
If your choices are predictable then humans cant choose to do otherwise, and if it is random we do not get a choice. Determinism is vastly supported more by theories in philosophy than free will is. Bandura, a neobehaviourist believed in determinism, and that people would always transform to conform to other people. Bandura specifies that children observe models and the behaviours of people surrounding them. Children are influenced by their parent’s, actors on television or role models they meet at school. Children observe then copy these behaviours and demonstrate them later on in life. Skinner focused mainly on how human’s behaviours are decided by the outside world. Skinner explains, “When an individual’s behaviour is determined by force or punishment it is clear that there is no act of free will”. One can infer that being scared of committing an offence or crime because of the fear being prosecuted and the fact of going to jail. Besides humans are also shaped by positive reinforcements, an example to this can be being paid an extra bonus for working overtime. When humans are on ice of acting freely this entails that they’re free from negative reinforcements only resulting from the awards of positive reinforcements we had in the past. Freud intensely believed in determinism. Freud believed that humans “are determined by certain unconscious feelings, outside their consciousness”. In making a truly free decision you
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