Free Will And The Science Of The Brain

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Michael S. Gazzaniga, who is an American professor of psychology and has a great interest in neuroscience, authored a book in the year 2011, which was entitled “Who 's in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain”. The author has made several points about the topic and has shared some researchers which either proves that the point is right or shows that it is quite wrong. However, his main argument is that human beings have been made believe the fact that their minds control the functioning of the whole body and all their thought process, as well as all the things they do, is not the correct assumption. The two parts of the brain are not even familiar with the process going on in the other part of the brain. He has the view that when…show more content…
The debate of determinism and free will has gotten its root from the functioning of the brain. The determinism point of view has the ideology that the thought process and the working of the human body are based on a predetermined system which is guided by the brain. However, the free will proponents have the view that it is due to the free will of the human beings, which is developed as a result of observing the people around them and taking a decision on their own. They are of the view that different human beings, put in the same condition would not act same, however, following their free will, they would act in a different manner (Gazzaniga, 2012).
The free will ideology is further supported by dualism perspective, which argues that the mind and body are two different things and does not control each other. According to the proponents of the dualism perspective, the mind is totally a different phenomenon from the brain. The brain is the physical structure of the body of the human beings; however, the mind is the conscience that is developed by the influence of the society and the nerve mirroring. Nerve Mirroring is the process of observing the other people of the society and learning from their behavior of attitude. The brain does not take the influence of the behavior and attitude of the other people, while the mind develops its perspectives, after getting approval from the
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