Free Will Compatible With Determinism Essay

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Elizabeth Donis Professor Ryan Hay Phil. 190 11 December, 2015 Free Will Compatible With Determinism Free will – a concept that always brings forth the question, “Does free will exist?” There are various arguments that come from both sides of the discussion, those in favor of free will based on religious text, and those that can argue that free will is a concept and ideal created to give humans the illusion that they have the ability to choose what they can do in life.The question is, do we really have the ability to choose what we please or do our actions come forth from the past events? In this case, compatibilist would question both but accept them at the same time. This paper will present both sides for and against free will and also argue how determinism is compatible with freedom. For those that do not know, compatibilists agree that determinism is true in which it implies that every choice is linked to past events in the world. Compatibilists believe that our future is controlled by our past but we have the ability to choose our future as well. In simple terms, a person has the ability to go through life with past events controlling their life or have the ability to freely choose the next step moving forward or even a combination of both. Determinism, especially the variation of "soft" determinism (cf.William James) or compatibilism, is supported as a theory of free will by a many of philosophers, each with special vested interests in one or
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