Free Will. In This Paper I Will Do An Introduction To And

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Free Will In this paper I will do an introduction to and explain to everyone an important question that I’d like to ask the people and help answer for all of you. I really do hope that all of you agree with me on my points that I come across or at least understand where I’m coming from with my argument that I am trying to put out in the open. So what I will be mainly focusing on primarily is as a viewpoint in philosophy, we will see how a person like myself can exist with the ability to have free will in their hands. Actually to be even more precise on the topic and not make it so broad for everyone I would like for all of us to contemplate over a more precise issue on the matter and that issue that I will explain to you about is on…show more content…
So what free will means is on a philosophical level is that it is the ability for a persons to choose, think, and act voluntarily. What that means is that free will gives the human being the potential to decide on anything. They can also be under the impression of anything as well. For some the big contributor to free will is that you can take action of one 's own free will so you can basically do anything freely in a sense. That’s the main thing I’m trying to get at in regards to free will. In the views of many philosophers, for them to believe in the concept of free will they have to believe in that every human being can be the kind of author that they want to be. So they are the author of all of their own reactions or actions that they do and have to have the thinking of rejecting the idea that all human actions are then in a sense determined by the external conditions or fate. This is where determinism comes along.
What determinism means based on a philosophical level is that it is just like a philosophical kind of idea that is in every event or state of affairs. This is included in every type of human decision and action and even the inevitable and the most necessary consequence of the antecedent states of affairs. What this means is basically that Determinism is the theoretical theory that everything that happens which also incorporates everything that the person like
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