Free Will and Choices

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It has been sincerely obvious that our own experience of some source that we do leads in result of our own free choices. For example, we probably believe that we freely chose to do the tasks and thoughts that come to us making us doing the task. However, we may start to wonder if our choices that we chose are actually free. As we read further into the Fifty Readings in Philosophy by Donald C. Abel, all the readers would argue about the thought of free will. The first reading “The System of Human Freedom” by Baron D’Holbach, Holbach argues that “human being are wholly physical entities and therefore wholly subject to the law of nature. We have a will, but our will is not free because it necessarily seeks our well-being and…show more content…
Jean-Paul Sartre says in the “existentialism is Humanism”, making clear that the basic concept in his existentialist philosophy would be humans freedom. Humans are entirely free, and that we make our own choices that create our own “essence,” making ourselves into the person that we have become today. Sartre also says that each one of us is free to the fashion in any way that we wish. So we alone are responsible for who we are today. He argues that to value the “choices” of our own freedom requires that we also value the freedom of other human beings. After reading all of the philosophers’ free will meanings I would admire Jean-Paul Sartre argument the most on free will. The argument of whether we humans are predetermined to turn out how we are supposed to be and to act the certain way we do in our everyday life. If our own decision that are made every second of the day have the freedom to choose our paths in life as a long-standing controversy. The ideas of Freud, Darwin and Sartre are strongly in their own matters of control that is responsible for the decision we carry on to make. Not only this, but also the decision we make have an effect of other people choices, just like their choices affect us. I would have to argue with Sartre because he makes the best out
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