Free Willy For years, Americans have overlooked the damage that SeaWorld is causing on these wild

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Free Willy For years, Americans have overlooked the damage that SeaWorld is causing on these wild animals. It a place that everyone dreams of experiencing a visitation of the wildlife sea creatures and the giant sea mammals. So what has people so fed up about SeaWorld; one of their main reason is orcas captivity. SeaWorld is known for their amazing orcas show, these show have the audience wowing, but no one has taken a step back and thought about how the orcas are affected during their captivity. All orcas in captivity have bad lives, they are all emotionally destroyed and psychologically traumatized, SeaWorld should be banned from keeping these animals in captivity. By focusing on losing viewers to the orca’s show, SeaWorld bypasses the…show more content…
They start to become aggravated and frustrated; this is result of them killing trainers who care for them. Not only are they killing trainers, but also, each other. Results of putting orcas from different communities together is violence. Accustomed to living in the ocean, and having an infinite amount of space to swim in, orcas are actually faced with several health problems that shorten their lifespan and cause insanity when they are placed in captivity. Therefore, Orcas are not suitable for captivity; this is just the tip of the spear. To understand the orcas violent actions and the distress it takes back to about 35 years ago, SeaWorld had an interesting method of capturing these orcas. SeaWorld had what they called sea ‘cowboys’, they were informed to capture orcas in Puget Sounds, Washington, using aircraft's, speed boats, water bombs with acetylene torches, ropes; whatever it took to complete their mission. They told the sea ‘cowboys’ that they were only to capture the young baby orcas due to “shipping cost”. John Crowe was a former diver that was hired to be one of SeaWorld’s cowboys. Crowe expressed his experience during an interview with the producers of ‘Blackfish’. With disappointment in his voice he said, “We’re there, trying to get the young orcas into the stretchers, and the whole famn damily is out here, 25 yards away… and they’re communicating back and forth. Well you understand
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