Free Writing : My First Day Of English Class

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Free Writing On my first day of English class when my professor discussed “Free Writing” I was still surprised that it was still relevant in college. I remember way back since elementary doing free writing. Free writing is a prewriting technique in which we keep writing for amount of time without paying attention to grammar or spelling errors, it produces raw material without be criticized. Free writing is used like a little journal for us to write anything that comes to mind. It can be anything that you want to jot down on that piece of paper. You can draw a picture, write down some music notes, or even just scribble some random thoughts it’s your own canvas for writing. Free writing plays a vital role in our writing process. When we started free writing it had some mixed reviews in my class. Some people didn’t want to be bothered with it at all. For them it was too early in the morning to do anything. Most of them just pretended to be writing things down so it looked like they were doing something, or they just didn’t want to get caught by the professor. Others actually used the free writing to their advantage and wrote things that they wanted to express. I would look at others and see them writing a whole page. I had a conversation about free writing with one of my classmates and we discussed if it was necessary or not for us. She talked to me about how she has trouble showing her emotions and doesn’t communicate well. Free

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