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‘Free the Children’ was written by Nancy Gibbs, a professor at Princeton University. The author finished her studies from Yale and Oxford universities. ‘Free the Children’ was first published in July 2003 in Time Magazine. This thought-provoking essay talks about letting the children enjoy their free time in the summer and burden them with extra work. It also talks about the possible consequences of overburdening them and the dangers of letting them free.

In the essay, the writer used her own two daughters as examples. She writes about how she wanted them to experience freedom in the summer and not think about the future.
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I feel this statement to be very spot-on. Summer was the time of the year when I sat down with a notepad and tried to figure out what I did wrong and the things I could have handled better. I went back to school in September a little bit wiser. I feel that this self-evaluation played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today.

An alarming thought put forward by the writer was that it is okay for children to have a time they will not learn anything that will help them academically. The world is changing and the mindsets of children and their parents need to change with it too. Too much leisure time will be detrimental to the child’s development and may encourage procrastination. I also believe that writer did not put enough emphasis on the degree of freedom she wanted children to have. We live in troubled times and there must be some limitations to the degree of freedom the children are allowed to enjoy. She failed to mention that parents must be wary of their children getting involved in unlawful activities and the consequences of such actions.

Overall, I would like to say that most of the points mentioned by the writer in the essay were valid but I must add that some balance must be found between leisure and education, even if it is the summer. The world is not what it used to be and the people have to adapt likewise in order to live up to the expectations
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