Free to Choose, Free to Kill? Analyzing the Smoking Habit in USA

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Free to choose. Free to kill? Ah, smoking in America. After all these years, I still don't seem to understand how and why smoking is legal in public. It's an issue people love to talk about but never want to see a change in. I don't think it is possible that people don't know of passive smoking, which could've been an explanation for their behavior, but since that's not possible, let's just say they're freedom fighters for a lost cause. And what's the cause? Their fight to continue being allowed to smoke in public and therefore be able to kill themselves and those around them! But who are we to blame in this rut of an issue? Well, I just have to say this; while smokers themselves like to remain in denial and continue taking puffs of their tobacco rolls, a lot of them and many of those around them die every year. And yes, passive smoking is always toned down by the word 'passive'. But every year people die either because of the environmental smoke which they like to call mainstream or by the smoke directly from the cigarettes (toned down as side stream). (Raphael 399). And it is claimed that in second hand smoke there are more than 4000 harmful chemicals and the person who inhales it is in 100 times the danger than the person actually smoking. (Bozza) Sounds extremely passive to me! It is not fair that nonsmokers have to face the same consequences as their smoking buddies, because if smokers have the right to smoke, the others have the right to be free from the bothersome

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