Freedom : A Short Story

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Freedom. Momma has been saying that freedom is near, today is December 6, 1865. Today the constitution was changed and slavery is now against the law. Me and momma live on Oak Alley Plantation in the big house. Momma a high yella, just like me, high cheekbones, slender body and pretty hair. The other women at the plantation don’t like momma. Massa is my pa but momma told me not to tell nobody. He comes in our room and lays down with ma while I'm sleep on the floor or while he thinks I’m sleep on the floor. Ion know what momma and me gon do cause we ain't got nothing. Ain't nowhere for us to go. Everybody around the plantation just in a uproar, celebrating and getting all they stuff, what little it may be. But I can’t find momma. I see Ms. Ella so I walk up to her. “Ms. Ella, you seen momma?” “Yeah baby, she’s on the paddock” I yelled thank you as I ran off to the paddock. Momma was standing there talking to Massa. When they seen me they stopped talking and pa left. “Ma, are we leaving like everybody else?” “Baby we’re gonna be on the first thing smoking to New York in the morning.” “How? Who we know up there momma?” Momma snatched me up so quick. She pulled me real close and she whispered, “Ya pa buying us tickets and my ma, your grandma, she live in New York. Now you don’t utter a word of this to nobody, you hear?” “Yes ma’am”, I uttered. The rest of that day went by real slow. I just sat in me and momma room reading. Ian no regular slave girl I can read and write, but
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