Freedom And Expansion Of Indian Indians

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In the name and cause of freedom and expansion, the lives and culture of Indians were taken away in order to benefit the whites. Indian children first went to boarding schools in 1860 to transform their culture into the white culture. The Indians felt threatened, because they were being pushed out of their territories from the miners’ trails and Mormons that had begun settling in Northern Utah. As a result of this conflict, a massacre took place which led to major changes in settlement of the Cache Valley territory. Reformers, Herbet Welsh and Henry Pancoast wanted to civilize the Indians’ tradition. These reformers’ goal was to “assimilate” the Indian Tribes culture to the “American way of life.” The Bureau of Indian Affairs established the first boarding school on the Yakima Indian Reservation. Reading, writing, and the English language were some of the subjects taught. Christianity was the only religion at boarding schools. Possessive individualism was enforced to the school, opposing Indians’ belief of communal ownership to all people. “Kill the Indian, save the man,” was Colonel Richard Henry Pratt’s motto for the off-reservation boarding school for Indians. Pratt desired that the Indians would not return to the Reservation after their schooling and stay in the white community. Initially, tribal life and culture were taken away at the boarding schools. Boys’ long braids were cut off, students wore standard uniforms, and white names and surnames were given. Michele

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