Freedom And Freedom Of Freedom

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Freedom, a loosely used word to describe something that us Americans, enjoy on a daily basis. Freedom, as defined in the Oxford Online Dictionary as being in “the state or fact of being free from servitude, constraint, inhibition, etc.; liberty.” America, prior to gaining independence in 1776 from Great Britain, was not referred to as a free country. The colonists, were under constant control of the British, even half-way around the world. Freedom during this time period prior to 1776 did not experience freedom the way that we see it today. Freedom today is protected by federal law which allows for the basic elements of freedom including: The right to free speech, religion, and freedom of press; the right to bear arms; and the right to assembly. These freedoms are covered under the United States Constitution, more commonly under the first ten Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. Civil liberties compared to now and prior to 1776 vary greatly. As described in the United States Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution, the thirty-nine amendments are what allow American citizens to be “free”. In my personal opinion, if the thirty-nine amendments were non-existent, I would not feel free. With these amendments, it allows me to express myself freely without having to believe something that I do not agree with and vice-versa. One of these amendments in particular, is the first amendment, the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. I…

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