Freedom And Its Effect On Society

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Freedom comes in many different levels in our society with freedoms being tested and tried differently in various countries. The term ‘freedom’ as with many things can be interrupted in many different ways with different cultures and religious beliefs affecting what freedoms you may or may not have. we live in a society where we are lucky in that we are able to express our freedoms more widely than a lot of states can. Decisions like going to school or holiday is expressing our freedom without really realising as many children cannot go to school or be able to afford or even go on holiday. Even though sometimes we might be limited to our freedoms for example we might not be able to play our music as loud as we want to at home because the neighbours might complain (Andrews. G, Czajka. A, O’cain. A, Prokhovnik .R ,2015). But this is a negotiating in society we have to deal with in order for a society to work. In terms of political freedoms we have the right to vote and to choose our next government which is a fundamental freedom as it insures that our freedoms will still continue (Andrews. G, Czajka. A, O’cain. A, Prokhovnik .R,2015). Equality is concept which we should all value highly. Equality should mean that everyone should be fundamentally treated the same does not matter what gender, nationality, colour or sexual preference (Andrews. G, Czajka. A, O’cain. A, Prokhovnik .R ,2015). To protect our equality laws might have to be passed in order to sustain that everyone
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