Freedom Beyond Mountains Essays

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Freedom Beyond Mountains
Partners in Health, or PIH, and Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, or BRAC, are both important global health institutions that have made significant and large impacts on populations all over the globe; however, they differ in several aspects, such as their beginnings, motivations, financing, scope, and scale.
Both PIH and BRAC were founded by passionate individuals who wanted to make positive changes to people’s health and lives. They were both founded on the basis of one of the core principles of global health: public health is not medicine. PIH was founded in 1987 in Haiti, at the hands of Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, and Jim Kim, about two years after the Clinique Bon Saveur was initiated in Cange. BRAC
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Simply put, Abed is proof that one man can make a significant difference. The most admirable and intriguing part of his career is that he started at the age of 36. If a man coming from such an unlikely background, as a Shell Oil executive, almost middle aged when he began, then all of us have it in us to make a difference in the world. Although both Farmer and Abed are seen as revolutionaries in the global health community, they each approach the problem of poverty from a completely different perspective. Farmer is a doctor and he therefore chooses to focus on the specific health problems of the poor, while Abed is a businessman and he looks at the poor as an economic problem and runs BRAC as more of a business than the usual non-governmental global health organization.
PIH’s work with multi drug resistant tuberculosis in Peru is most illustrative of the accomplishments of PIH as an institution as well as of its leaders. Peru has been heavily burdened by tuberculosis for a very long time. Despite the national government’s legislation attempting to fight tuberculosis, the country’s tuberculosis rate was one of the highest in South America. Carabayllo is a slum in Lima where tuberculosis was raging and is also the location of PIH’s first foray outside of Haiti. As described in Mountains Beyond Mountains, the situation in Carabayllo was considered by Farmer an area of moral clarity—a situation in which what is ought to be done is clear but the doing is always very
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