Freedom: Differences Between Bryon And Mark

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Freedom is being free from rules and ability to speak for your self. Bryon and Mark had been in fights and going places like to a bar, different towns, and hippie places. Mark and Bryon one time went out of town for two weeks. They have freedom to do all that because; Bryon’s mother was in the hospital. Mark and Bryon were either stealing or selling things to pay off Bryon’s mother hospital bill. Their freedom is not truly free because, of jobs and the hustling, and helping out their friends. Mark, Bryon, and Cathy went to a dance. Bryon and Cathy were on a date and found Mark there also. (Hinton, p54). When Mark got into a fight with some random guy their age, Mark got hit with a bottle and had to go to the hospital. (Hinton, p57). Their freedom
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