Freedom For White And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Throughout antiquity there have been powerful men and women that with one act change the course of history forever. The men and women had become unsettled by the ideals of the time and decided that the only way to get something done is to do it yourself. Whether by chance or choice the actions taken by those brave men and woman helped to shape the very diverse and free world of today. However, in history, only one person effected the world in such a profound way that without them a country would not have been formed and the racial barriers that held generations in chains would have never been broken. The person was Crispus Attucks and unknown to him at the time, he became the voice of freedom for white and African Americans alike.
America had been oppressed by England since the beginning of its creation and sought freedom from their rule. Americans fought and died for the sake of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those very principles helped to construct the Declaration of Independence, which declared liberty and equality to every man. As God as the enforcer of these natural rights, independence would be granted to America and the citizens that lived there. Nevertheless, the liberty and equality that is man’s birth right never fully extended to all men. African Americans citizens were not granted those rights that whites were given so easily. The same African Americans that fought alongside with the rebels for independence, would not be granted their own freedom
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