Freedom In Anna Hope's A Gap Of Sky

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In the western world we have an innumerable amount of privileges and beneficial effects, which gives us a set of outstanding and exclusive options, that should not lightly be taken for granted. We are liberated and emancipated from the chains of indigence, which so many other countries in the east are bound of, consequently that means we are free to choose our own identity, our education and what we want to occupy ourselves with, our freedom of speech and in the light of that we are free to pursue our dreams and fulfill them. Or are we actually completely free? In the short story “A Gap of Sky” written by Anna Hope in 2008, the main character, Ellie, illustrates the abstract term of freedom and how it can be interpreted.

In the beginning
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“.. Thinking better of it, hoist herself over the sink, turns on the tap, and lets rip a glorious steamy stream of relief.” (p. 2, I 6). Instead she decided to do it in the sink, which indicates that Ellie is a rough and rather reckless girl, who is also a bit dirty in her way of manners, not well-groomed and certainly not a painted jade. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit. Monday. It is Monday. Essay there is an essay due..” (p. 2, I. 14). This quote is a great description of the life of a teenager. First of all she is cursing constantly throughout the short story and in general has a really crudely vocabulary. Secondly she was out getting drunk the day before she had to deliver an important essay in order to continue on the course, which she totally forgot everything about. She symbolizes the youth and how we appreciate the freedom to do whatever we…show more content…
3, I. 679). The narrator is very accurate regarding indication of locality, which goes hand in hand with her developing changes, where she suddenly understands the true meaning of freedom and therefore she is exposed to a revelation. While she is walking around in London trying to obtain some printer ink, she is reflecting and admitting several of things. “The shop is closed. She needs to get some printer ink, if she’s going to do this essay. And if not? Will they kick her off the course? (p. 3. II. 46-48). This is her first revelation of her situation. She is reflecting on the consequences that might occur, if she does not finish the essay due in time. The indication of locality is interchangeable with her changes, because in line with that she is experiencing different part of the city, she changes. In addition to the setting, the reader is almost guided through the streets of London and it almost feels like you psychically are within the busy streets of London. “Ellie pulls her hat down and shoulders her way over towards Goer Street. Crosses Tottenham Court Road, over to the big UCL quad” (p. 3, II 43-45). It reinforces and amplifies the feeling of the above and the environment in a more intense and animated

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