Freedom In Little Brother

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“Freedom is never given; it is won” (Randolph). The right to freedom is the inalienable right that a person is born with and should not be given up. Freedom is different in the eyes of all people and idea of freedom varies among cultures. As some people define, freedom is a natural light that an individual is born with. As shown in the book Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, every person desire to be free and independent from others, however only few people fight for it. Moreover, some give up their freedom for a false sense of security. People that give up these rights become a tool that other people control however individuals who fight for their rights are able to regain their freedom. The characters of Little brother represent that security…show more content…
Furthermore, many people follow and support the government blindly, not knowing their actual intention. Mr. Yallow was angry after his interrogation by the DHS: “They had information about where I'd been, places that didn't have a toll plaza... And it was wrong! Holy crap, I mean, they're spying on us all and they're not even competent!" (Doctorow 133). Marcus’s Dad is a perfect example of people submissively following the government. These people blindly follow the government and are brainwashed by the officials into giving up their inalienable rights. Some of the people affected by the actions of the government are frustrated by what happens to them however, with a passage of time they believe again that the government is trying to protect them by taking away their freedom. SERIES OF SHORT SENTENCES. Also, government brainwashes people and make them believe that their freedoms can cause harm to the society. When Marcus’s dad learns that Marcus uses the Xnet for games he becomes paranoid and says that “Marcus, you don't realize it, but you're providing cover for people who plan on attacking and destroying this country. I don't want to see you using this Xnet. Not anymore. Do I make myself clear?" (206). This…show more content…
Firstly, Marcus evokes the idea that freedom is something that a person has to fight for and be determined to earn it in every circumstance. After learning about what the DHS had done to Daryl, Marcus reinforces his hatred for the DHS: "You can't get anything done by doing nothing. It's our country. They've taken it from us. The terrorists who attack us are still free but we're not. I can't... [wait] my whole life,... for freedom to be handed to me. Freedom is something you have to take for yourself” (334). This response of Marcus represents his rebellious character as it portrays him to be willing to rebel and fight against the government for something that he believe is his right. He demonstrates that freedom is worth fighting for as he himself puts his life in danger, and decides not to go underground as he believes that if he does not fight for freedom, he will never be able to achieve it. Secondly, government exploits the freedom of the people to represent their power, however it is the duty of a citizen to stand up for their rights. Marcus decides that he wants to spread out his message and inform people about the purpose of the Xnet. He organises a press-conference in which he talks to the journalists using a game called the PvP. While discussing the mission of the Xnet and showing people the reality of DHS, Marcus
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