Freedom Is Defined As “The Power Or Right To Act, Speak,

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Freedom is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”. Is freedom needed in order to find human happiness or could having too much freedom be dangerous? In Chapter 5 of The Grand Inquisitor, the question surfaces: how does freedom relate to human happiness? I believe that a person’s freedom does not necessarily determine their happiness. In the book, Jesus is portrayed as the defender of freedom, while the Grand Inquisitor sides with the devil, Satan, and argues that humans want to escape the “terrible gift” of freedom. Although Jesus Christ is an all heavenly power, I can’t help but agree with the Grand Inquisitor’s position of escaping freedom because it is not possible to have…show more content…
Now, a new idea is introduced: how much free will/independence should people have before eventually harming themselves? For example, if a person decides to rob a store because for their own free will, should they be punished? According to Jesus’ point of view, if a crime was done through a person’s free will, then that person should not be punished. Since a crime was done through a person’s free will, the person will go unpunished. This sounds ridiculous to because it should be known from the beginning that robbing a store is bad. This is a fact that should be learned at a young age: if you do something bad, you should be punished in order to prevent yourself from repeating that bad habit. If the general concept of punishment after sin is understood, then a person can live a happier life by staying away from criminal activity and learning from their mistakes. On the other hand, if a person used their free will and sinned in the process, then that person would not have an understand for why their actions were wrong. Instead, that person would believe that their actions were acceptable and should go unpunished, which should not be the case if someone wanted to live a happier life. Moreover, in order to live happily, humans must encounter failure, which could have been from sin. By making mistakes, a person can deal with their wrongdoings and learn from their past to continue and live a more successful,

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