Freedom Is Impossible For All While Some Remain Enslaved

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14. Some have argued that freedom is impossible for all while some remain enslaved. Identify a specific example of modern slavery (timeframe, country, and people affected) and discuss how this affects our assumptions of ubiquitous liberty.

Freedom is a fundamental birth right, which empowers people to speak, and do as they please without confinement or physical constraint. Freedom is the act of allowing an individual to act independently and choose independently, regardless of outside forces impeding on those choices and actions. Being examined, is the argument that freedom is possible for all, while some remain enslaved. Female Genital Mutilation abbreviated as FGM will be addressed as an example of modern day slavery. The history of
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FGM is fundamentally cultural, and although there are some religious sentiments to the practice, there is no mention of FGM in the Sunnah nor the Quran. It is likely, FGM developed independently among specific ethnic groups as a means of puberty rites. Nevertheless, traditionally FGM ensures women’s virginity and extricates all female desire and sexuality.

FGM is upheld by traditional values and principles. In countries including, Sierra Leone, and Kenya, FGM is culturally valued as a rite of passage to womanhood. Whereas, in Sudan, Somalia, and Egypt where marriage is fundamental to a woman’s social and economic survival, FGM is a precondition to marriage and is valued as a means of preserving a young girl’s virginity until she is married. FGM is a detrimental custom, guided by inter-generational attitudes. Uncircumcised young girls in these cultures is taboo. It is evident, FGM is entrenched in culture, and “we live in a world shaped by the culture to which we belong. We owe our very modes of thinking and assessment to it…chance too has a part in the events that confront us in our life and often stand in our way. We do not act in a vacuum and so we cannot be free in a vacuum”. Meaning, systematically, people have loss of freedom. FGM is oppressive through societal expectations and norms. Proponents may argue that FGM is traditional and necessary due to being a
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