Freedom Is The Best Thing For All Of Mankind

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Freedom, supposedly the best thing for all of mankind. The shared goal of all of humanity seems to be that all individuals come to experience what it has to offer. Freedom is touted as the only way that people are truly happy. For generations, people across the globe have even started wars to defend the right to freedom for all people and tear down all those who dare oppose its glorious ideals. But is freedom all that it has been touted to be? In the story of Frederick Douglass and the Panopticon, increases in freedom cause problems. It seems like these texts both paint a similar picture. Freedom causes unhappiness in a group setting because groups broaden awareness and freedom is relative to our knowledge of other options, thus, an…show more content…
Isolation is demonstrated throughout the Panopticon Letters is being the most effective form of control especially when in concert with an ever-present watcher. The Panopticon is perhaps one of the most effective means of curtailing a person’s freedom while giving them the illusion of being freer than at a normal prison. Having freedom is the ability to share ideas which create choices that you can then choose to act upon. As mentioned just previously, isolation removes freedom by restricting a person’s access to ideas, and thus options available to them. Being imprisoned is a classic example of a lack of freedom, but are people like slaves considered freer because of this definition. In a way, yes. In Frederick Douglass’s novel, slaves lived together in groups and for the slaves of Colonel Lloyd, that was a group of four hundred individuals (5). It seems throughout the novel that the slaves are allowed to converse and mingle within themselves so long as they did not disobey orders or cause trouble for the owners. One major thing many of the slaves were lacking, however, was knowledge of a life outside of slavery. Many of the slaves, Douglass included, were born into slavery and didn’t even get the chance to know their own mothers outside of quick interactions (1-2). But since the slaves often witnessed extreme violence against themselves they collectively have a notion that they were in a bad
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