Freedom Is The Highest Point Of Freedom

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Freedom has its different demographics and views it can perceived into in which I don’t think it can ever justify to a deserved definition. I think we certainly live in the theory and allusion of freedom but also compared to a vast amount of countries it is definitely looked upon as a free society. A country could never reach the highest point of freedom because that is something of the unordinary and we as a country are more close to freedom than any other country will be. Being able to express ourselves by voting, voicing opinions, being of whatever sexuality and religion without interference is a remarkable sense of freedom and luxury many wish to attain. For me specifically, I think the most important factor of living in the American life is the privilege I have of going to school and being educated. If I was never given the opportunity of such a tremendous fortune, I could never imagine residing in a place that would be against it. To me education is not a something that I should fight for it should be a given, it should be self-explanatory as to why it is so extremely important and the fact that some countries deny their people of such grant is one of the many reasons I believe America to be a free country. Not being permitted the right to education especially because I am a female is not a form of life anyone should have to suffer let alone a form of freedom people should be idealized to live with. Definitely living in the United States gives me the advantage to be…

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