Freedom Isn't Free

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Sean Andrew Drop 218 Lee Road 550, Phenix City, AL 36870 (334) 298-3025 DOB: August 30, 1994 Senior in High School Pacelli High School (706) 561-8232 Word Count: 1500 “I have read and understand the guidelines. The essay submitted is original and of my own creation.” Freedom isn’t Free By: Sean Andrew Drop Freedom isn’t Free When our founding fathers were drafting out the Declaration of Independence they knew then that the British were not going to take our stance for independence without a fight. Even before the first signature was placed upon our countries most valued document they knew there would be bloodshed. But, deciding to fight for our own freedom was the only way we could govern ourselves and make…show more content…
After the invasion and burning of Washington there was a hurried demand for a strong army to be ready and on call for duty at any given time. We realized we could handle ourselves abroad when it came to war, but we need to strengthen our own country and focus on the new world. All of this lead to the document called the Monroe Doctrine and our survival before and during the war. Our trade had been and was severely interrupted and impacted negatively which resulted in the need for Americans to make do for themselves and work hard for the items that were used to having imported to them. They no longer could depend on importation for goods and products. If they needed it, then they had to make it for themselves. Because the States were no longer importing or exporting to other and from other countries and paying high taxes, but buying and selling within their own people, the economy began to turn up and quickly was on the up to being lifted. Prior to the start of the war the economy was in poor shape in America and all over the world. Previous to the start of the War and all throughout, the economy was in sad shape. The economy dragged due to the cost of the war and the uneasy ties with Britain. But by working among ourselves we helped ourselves stimulate our economy a bit due the ongoing war of 1812. During the war, the Federalist Party had been outspoken and critically vocal and opposed to the war, decided to hold a convention to
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